Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weeks 7 & 8 of Mr. Mase :)

Time is going fast, I can't believe how big our little guy is getting! 

--7 Weeks--

Isabella babysat so that Mommy and Daddy could go down to the band downtown and then to the pub for appetizers with Auntie Heather and Uncle TJ on Thursday(8/15). Then in the morning we got all packed up to head to the lake with the Speiser Family for our yearly weekend trip! We had a good weekend of relaxing! 

We took Mason on a "Ranger" ride around the lake and he slept the whole time in mommy's moby wrap(that auntie made!)

Everyone giving you lots of love! 
(Grandma Kathy, Great Grandma Marcella, Great Grandpa Ron, Aunt Nola, Cousin Brooke)

Grandma & Grandpa Stager Babysat Mason on Monday(8/19) in the morning and daddy watched Mason in the afternoon. I heard when I got home you peed on that silly Grandma of yours but of course she didn't care!! They love you so much!! It was also Auntie Heather's birthday so we went to the great Wood Lake Fair and after that we went to the Granite Falls Golf Course to eat supper! 

Tuesday(8/20) was Mason's first day of daycare and we also bumped up his feeding to 4oz he was seeming to be really hungry still! He did great at daycare and Amber and Josh send us updates! :)

Wednesday(8/21) Mason is 7 weeks old! Amber and Mason at daycare! Mason is still sucking down 4oz and is still hungry so we started to try 5oz, he seemed to be content after that! 

--8 Weeks--

Thursday(8/22) - Mason had an eventful day at daycare today! He is starting to not feel so good and fuse. Having a hard time sleeping and just not acting like himself, content and happy. 

Saturday(8/24) We took Mason into urgent care, he was spitting up his whole bottle at feedings and was congested. They said he just had a cold and to watch it. We also went to the chiropractor which helped a lot. We spent the afternoon cuddling and I went to help with Kandice Mae Photography with a photo booth at a wedding reception at night! 

Cuddles with daddy!

Photo booth I helped with! 

Sunday(8/25) We are ready to watch some Minnesota Viking football in this house! 

Tuesday(8/27) we took Mason back to urgent care after work, he has had 48/51 poopy diapers in the last 3 days, still not seeming like himself. They told us to switch formula to the sensitive formula and that should help. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tears for Mommy, Smiles for Mason

I would have never thought leaving someone was so hard, just for 10 hours. I thought I had my self prepared, I had Auntie watch him for the first 2 weeks, and I have even left him with a babysitter 2 times! But tears still came rolling down my face as I backed out of the daycare drive way and drove down the street to start my trip to a long day at work, missing my baby boy, who not to add is going to be 7 weeks tomorrow! Where has time gone!? I know he is in great hands and his daycare providers love him and care for him! As I had tears rolling down my face, my baby boy was full of smiles! 

 Mason had an awesome first day - the note I got read - I was feeling sleepy today. I was full of smiles all day, when I was awake! I love to talk to all the other kids! As the day went on I got texts and pictures of him! I couldn't wait to come home and see him, I left work for lunch and was about to stop by but thought it would be harder to go back to work! 

I know he is in great hands and hopefully tomorrow and each day after gets easier! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Time is flying by

--5 Weeks--

Where oh where has my little boy gone?! -- he is now 5 weeks old! What happened time is flying  by! Lots of FIRST these next two weeks! On (8/1/13) Mason attended his first rodeo with the Gniffke's and Grandma Blough! 

We went to the chiropractor to get adjusted. (8/4/13) Mason got to go to his First Twins vs. Astros Game with the Gniffke's! 

--6 Weeks--

(8/9/13) First Concert - Hunter Hayes with Auntie Heather, Gracelyn and Mommy! 

(8/15/13) First Babysitter(non-family) - Isabella MacArthur - she does an amazing job with Mason and the Gniffke kids! We  had another 2 chiropractor appointments and both Mason and I are looking a lot better and back in line. My job is going great and Mason is having lots of fun with his cousins and his auntie! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

What a weekend! Mason is ONE MONTH OLD!!!

My mom, Matt, Mason and I started the day off by meeting up with Aggie, a family friend, and had lunch at Perkins. After that we did a little bit of shopping until the Gniffke's got to the cities! Once they got there we met up at the Mall of America and went through the Mirror Maze, this was a ton of fun!!

Then we went to Dave and Busters, it was so much fun to see the kids enjoy a new place! They loved all the games, I even got into a basketball contest with Matt, TJ and then Heather, yes I did beat them all! We then took my mom to the bus stop as she went back to Pennsylvania. 

After we met the Gniffke's at the "Hotel" that Heather booked on priceline. This Hotel wasn't a very nice one.  We didn't put our stuff on the floor it was so gross, here are some texts from Heather and  I! 

When we woke up in the morning, Matt and I have been married for ONE YEAR!!! I couldn't have asked for a better year!!! I have one of the most amazing husbands anyone could ask for. I don't think there has been ONE time when he has got MAD at me, he is always doing anything he can to make me happy, and we now have a one month old baby! He is one of the most amazing dads too! You can just see the love he has for Mason by the look in his eyes! 

We went and had breakfast and then us girls got ready, while the boys packed the rooms! 

Then we went shopping a little, made a stop at Chilli's and were quick of to our FIRST twins game at the new Target Center! Not to mention Mason's first twins game!  

 Mason's 1st Game 

We ended the night by going to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. What an amazing weekend! I couldn't have asked to spend it any other way! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

One Month Photoshoot

My little bugger is one month old! Where has time gone!? 


Mason Matthew:
-Weighing 10lbs
-Eating 2oz of formula every 3 hours
-Sleeping 4-5 hours at night 
-Loves his new mam pacifiers
-Smiling a lot
-Likes taking baths
-Size 1 diapers
-Newborn Clothes(some 0-3 Months)