Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nine, Ten - A Big, Fat Hen

--9 Weeks--

Thursday(8/29) We went to see our pediatrician since Mason hasn't been getting better. He said that we are feeding Mason to much it is running straight through him. So we cut back on feedings to 3oz again and he is doing so much better! Matt got to go to the vikings last pre-season game and sit 7 rows up!!

Friday(8/30) just hanging out in my bassinet! 

Saturday(8/31) Roesler's babysat Mason while we looked a few house, yes the secret is out, we are looking to buy a house. It may be in a few weeks, or a few months. There are many factors to if & when we buy one! We need to sell our house - I need to have a full time permanent job - and find a house that we LOVE.

Sunday(9/1) We woke up early to head to Life Light concert in Sioux Falls with the Gniffke Family! It was a beautiful - hot day, Matt & I even got burned! We did a little shopping and returned to Life Light at night to hear the Newsboys(AMAZING!!)

Monday(9/2) We went to Great Plains Zoo - it was my first time there since I was a kid and it was Matt & Mason's first time there! We had a beautiful drive home with an amazing sunset reminding us of how awesome God is! 

--10 Weeks--

Saturday(9/7) was the first time we have left Mason for a long period of time including over night, while we went to the Hansen/Harwood Wedding! Auntie Heather took good care of Mr. Mason!

Sunday(9/8) Ready to watch some more Viking football :) 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two Months Photoshoot


Mason Matthew:
-Weighing 11lbs 6oz
-Eating 3oz of formula every 3 hours
-Sleeping 5-6 hours at night 
-Loves his mam pacifiers & aden/anais blankets
-Smiling a lot
-Lovess taking baths
-Size 1 diapers
-0-3 Month Clothes