Saturday, April 19, 2014

AdvoCare - Cleanse

In the middle of March we decided to sign up and give AdvoCare a shot. My main reason was for changing our diet as we were eating out or eating extremely unhealthy every day. When I say unhealthy I mean we never had fruits or vegetables in our house, our "side" for meals was a bag of chips split between the both of us! We would go through at least 2 cases of pop a week(48 cans) and we would eat a lot at one sitting. I didn't/don't want to raise Mason like that and I knew we had to brake the habit. So we decided to do the cleanse.

We weighted in on 4/6/14 pm:
Matt: 290
Halie: 194

10 days of EATING healthy, no we didn't starve, AdvoCare isn't a diet, you aren't going to starve. We now have breakfast every morning, 2-3 snacks, lunch and supper! We haven't had pop in our house since the middle of March, we have ONE spark a day, Matt if work is really busy will have 2. 

Weighted in on 4/17/14 am:
Matt: 280
Halie: 182
Matt lost a total of 5.5 inchs
Halie lost a total of 13.75 inchs

We feel amazing, we are continuing on eating healthy, yes we will have chips just not as much as we used to eat. Our portions are now reasonable and we are having fruits and veggies every day!! Check out my AdvoCare Recipe tab for you picky eaters! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

9 Month Photo Shoot

Mason Matthew:
-Weighing 18lbs 3oz
- 27 inches long
-Eating 6-7oz of formula every 3 hours & loves eating his fruits/veggies! 
-Sleeping 9-10 hours at night 
-Loves to pull himself up and stand! 
-Loves to crawling
-Size 3 diapers
-6-9 Month Clothes