Wednesday, December 26, 2012

..Little Behind!

I am a little bit behind on updating! So here is *what I can remember* of what we did in December so far! I usually try to make notes in my phone or on Facebook, but sometimes I forget!! :)) I will try to update more often! I have a doctor appointment on Friday so I will update with heart beat and all that.

Dec 5: I met up with the Roesler's because Kaylee had surgery on her legs. It was the first time seeing them in 14 months. It was awesome being able to catch up and talk again! 

  Dec 6: At my last appointment my pap-smear was abnormal so they are doing test on Friday. Also at my last appointment the heart beat was 160! I'm thinking the baby is a girl, Matt is still saying boy! 

Dec 7: We went to Pizza Ranch for Peyton's 2nd Birthday Party! 

Dec 21-25: We went to the Gniffke's in Wood Lake for Christmas, thinking on Christmas Eve we would be going to the Speiser Christmas. We went to Duffy's for supper on Saturday. However, Sunday we woke up and Matt didn't feel good so we went to urgent care. Influenza and Strep came back negative but the doctor still diagnosed Matt with Influenza so here we are both home for 5 days no work. Doctor highly suggested I didn't have daycare open. 

Dec 24: NICOLE AND CODIE GOT ENGAGED!!!! We are so extremely excited for the both of them! We couldn't be any happier for them!!! They are awesome parents are so in love! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

11 weeks!

I am 11 weeks and finally feeling better! I haven't been nauseated  for a couple days now! I guess I am still a little tired, but I am always tired. As of tomorrow, I will have 6 kids everyday, 1 more starting Christmas break! So I really am going to be busy!! 

This photo was take on 12/8/12, 11 weeks 2 days! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


They say emotions get worse when you get pregnant and they are right. I cry almost everyday, sometimes only for a few minutes others for several of minutes and other times for hour(s). It can be about the littlest things or the biggest things. Here are a FEW of them...

-- It has been 4 months since our wedding -- and I still haven't got over the fact that I lost an amazing family for a year. We just started talking again recently and they were my second mom and dad. Their whole family was suppose to be in the wedding until we got in a fight and we were both to stubborn to talk it out.

-- It has been 4 months since our wedding -- and I am still not satisfied with our photos. The photos we got were amazing, but I wish we would have gotten some individual photos with parents/the bottom for my shoes, and more of Matt and I.

-- It has been 4 months since our wedding -- and it still hurts a lot know my sister and her whole family backed out of our wedding 6 days before. They weren't there to witness the most important day in our life. And I'm not sure I will ever be able to get over this. 

-- It has been 4 months since our wedding -- and as I look at photos I realized how my mom was never in the room with me to get ready. It never hit me until yesterday. I'm having such a hard time with this. But it's things you can't change. 

-- Ellen -- I miss my Aunt Ellen more then I could ever imagine. I have so many questions that I want to ask her about daycare and life. And I just wish I could talk to her one more time. 

Enough crying for tonight hopefully.