Tuesday, September 2, 2014

a glimpse of our time well spent

a glimpse of our Labor Day weekend...

while at grandpa and grandmas, Mason enjoyed hanging out in the chair outside while we took down the pool. Life is tough at 14 months!

Mason got to have a special treat after supper, a cupcake, he enjoyed every lick of it!

Electronic Monopoly with my niece and nephew! 

Matt got to play video games with someone other than people online! 

Currently this is what our kitchen looks like, a disaster. A gate to keep a babe out(who loves the cheerios in the background), tape on the trim and a room that is half painted! 

relaxing afternoon spent trying to share our toys outside and be nice to our friends! 

over all it was a great weekend, it was nice to be home a full 2 out of 3 days and sleep every night in our bed for the whole weekend for the first time this summer!