Sunday, August 19, 2012

..Lake Get Away..

We went to the lake this past weekend with Matt's family! It was so nice just to have another nice, enjoyable, relaxing weekend!! With family, the sun, jet skis, and relaxation! I haven't been on a jet ski in years so it was so much fun for Matt & I to get to do this!! It was also his grandma's birthday, the main reason we all got together!! 
 Steve & Kathy, relaxing having a couple! 
 Nic & Kase on the jet ski!
 Matt & I on the jet ski!! -- Brooke fishing away!! 
 Steve & Kathy on the jet ski!! 
 Kathy, Brooke and I on the paddle boat!
Matt & I before we left!! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vegas Baby!!

We kept it a secret as to where we were going for our honeymoon!! We texted our family members when we landed of the picture of "Welcome To Las Vegas".. Vegas was a BLAST. It is definitely our 2nd vacation spot, #1 being Pennsylvania. We had so much fun!! 

Day 1: 8/6/12
Our flight left at 8am and we decided to upgrade to 1st class to help with Matt's fear of flying! It was awesome and we will do it again if possible!! When we landed we took a limo to our hotel, Treasure Island! We then took a nap, we were so exhausted from all the wedding events and travel! After our nap we went down to Kahunaville, a restaurant in our hotel, and had drinks and appetizers! We only gambled $100 today, $50 each!! We then laid out by the pool to relax some more. We ended the night with dinner at Gilley's watching the Treasure Island Show!!

 Limo ride! :))
 Outside the T.I. show!
T.I. & the boat! 

Day 2: 8/7/12
We had lunch at the buffet at T.I. and then we walked over to the fashion show mall. I got really bad anxiety so we didn't stay very long. We then had a few drinks followed by supper at Kahunaville. We decided to go to the Mystre' show tonight, which I wasn't very excited about but it turned out to be awesome!! After the show we walked down the strip to the Bellogio Water Fountain Show!

 Fashion Show Mall
 Outside of the Bellogio!!
 The fountains!! 

Day 3: 8/8/12
Started the day off with a bus tour to Hoover Dam, we found an awesome deal that stopped at Ethel M. Chocolate Factory, included breakfast & lunch, and tickets to get into Hover Dam. I guess it was interesting ;) Matt loved it, however it just wasn't my thing, but something we have to do things for our husbands!! I was a fun morning/afternoon tho! Then we did the Gonadal Ride and it was super hot but romantic and fun, Matt did this for me!! ;) The we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, which neither of us have ever done! Finally, we went to David Cooperfield, again I wasn't excited for this. I'm not really one for illusionist but it turned out pretty good and I would definitely go back again!!  Followed by a walk down the strip to see everything(and take pictures)!!

Ethel M Chocolate Factory!! 
 At the Hoover Dam!
 Gonadal Ride! 
 Hard Rock Cafe!
 After David Cooperfield
In front of Paris!! 

Day 4: 8/9/12
We had lunch at our Buffet again! It was so amazing!! Then we went to the Mirage and watched the dolphins and walked through the gardens. We gamble $100 today, $50 each, and lost!..but hey it's Vegas! Then we went to Margaritaville...SOOO amazing!!! Then we went to a little strip mall to buy me some shorts! :)) Followed by the Peepshow with Holly Madison!! 

Outside at the Gardens!! 

Day 5: 8/10/12
Started the morning off right with some Starbucks and McDonalds for lunch!! I know we can get both of those back here in MN but how yummy!! We then just had a relaxing afternoon at the pool, laying out having a few drinks. Dinner at our favorite Kahunaville, followed by going downtown to the light show! Matt wasn't to excited but we did want to go see it! We got down there and I got to claustrophobic. With EVERYONE smoking it was just too much, I am okay with some but not EVERYONE, every direction we turned there was someone smoking!! So we just went back to the hotel and had a relaxing night! 

Outside at the pool! 

All in all, Vegas was the best place to go for our honeymoon!!! We loved it and it was a GREAT getaway!!! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wedding Events 8.4.12

Our wedding was a blast, although it wasn't what I dreamed. My "best" friend from high school decided to back out 3 weeks before. My second mom/sister and I had grown apart. AND my sister decided it was best if she took her family out of the wedding 6 days before. However after everything that had happened Matt & I ... manly I wiped the tears away and put the smile on. We had our closest friends & family with us and that is all that matters. The day was about Matt & I joining our lives as one with God. Here are a few pictures from the events. 

 During rehearsal, I'm not QUITE sure what was going on here but we were very lucky to have such a great wedding party who cooperated to make things go fast! 
 I was going through our camera(which random people had throughout the wedding events) and came across this!! It put a huge smile on my face! I love Matt's friends! 
 Matt & I after the 1st glance
 One of my favorites!! 
 My dad and I after first glances!
 Our amazing parents!!
 Love this photo!! The reaction of the audience!! 
 and they...lived..happily..ever..after!!! 
 Picture frame with the flower girl & ring bearer!!
 FCE where Matt & I met!! 
 All my pretty lady friends!! 
 1st dance!! 
 I surprised my dad and had our dj make up a mix of; I loved her first & Signs; he was so surprised I think everyone was! Hardest secret I have ever had to keep, I had it planned for the last 10 months!!
Matt and his mom dancing! Love their smiles!!