Thursday, November 29, 2012


MATT AND I got to go to NYC for Thanksgiving! I am so thankful that he was able to come with! On our way to Omaha on Wed. night our car broke down in Sioux Falls. Thankfully God was watching over us and Tires Plus was a huge help and helped us out! We flew into Newark on Thursday(11/22) and my dad picked us up and brought us to my cousin Kay's house! We had Thanksgiving Dinner and just relaxed!! Friday we woke up and took the train(LIRR) into the city! We took a taxi to Rockefeller Center since Matt was not feeling the best. We first hit up Rockefeller Center to go to Top of the Rock. It was a beautiful site to see the skyline of NYC! After that we went to Grand Central Station-had to see it! Then we walked to the UN Building, Matt really liked this stop! We then went to Time Square because it was getting dark, it was awesome to see all the shops lite up! So pretty! Then we did the NBC Studios Tour which was a blast! We had an awesome day! Saturday we were going to go to the World Trade Center Memorial but Matt's fever got worse 103.1F. We tried to get him to go to urgent care but when we got there, there was quite a line and he didn't want to wait. So we started our 6hr drive to PA. 

Sunday we went to Grammy for the afternoon to watch football, take naps, and have a nice family dinner. After dinner we play the famous game of Dutch Blitz! It was so nice to be around family again! Monday we started our 6hr journey back to NJ stopping at Rita's in Belfonte and got to see the whole Purnell family! Monday we went to the mall to see dad at work and ate at The Cheesecake Factory after. It was very good. Tuesday we were suppose to fly out but our flight got cancelled so we had breakfast at IHOP then dad went to work so we just hung out and watched tv all day at the hotel! We then took him for supper at Longhorn Stakehouse. We were able to get on our flight on Wednesday morning and make the long drive home! We were in cars a lot! 

All in all it was a great vacation!

 Line up of taxis 
 Radio City at Rockefeller Center
 Matt & I at Top of the Rock
 Empire State Building!
 Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center
Central Park
 Grand Central Station
 He was such a good sport!
 UN Building

 Outside of the UN Building
 The flags at the UN
 Time Square
 He is such an amazing husband!
Where the ball drops! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


As a lot of you know I have been going through quite a bit with my new daycare and being pregnant....but it seems like as soon as things are looking better they get worse again...tonight was fun, it wasn't relaxing we were on our toes but I went to watch Ashtyn & Brayden (niece and nephew) play basketball, then we ate at Culvers, made a trip to goodwill and ended it at Walmart. It was def. a lot of laughs so that was good. But man I can not wait to be on vacation next week.


This whole being pregnant thing is worst than a period for my emotions. I wish I wasn't so emotional but hey, we are having a baby and that is a gift from God! We are very excited and it's so hard keeping it in! I just want to shout it out! So I'm going to on here! "WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

..Almost EIGHT weeks!..

We had another untrasound on Thursday, 11/8/12 to try to get a better measure of the heartbeat! Baby Speiser is still so tiny but we got the heartbeat this time! 
 The heart rate is 123bpm
 Look at our tinny baby!
Measuring 7 weeks on Thursday(11/8/12) so my new due date is 6/27/13

I flew to Colorado this past weekend and did really good! I didn't get sick at all so that was awesome! I still have been tired but the morning sickness is going away! My breast are also still very sore and tender but this is only the start so I better get used to it! :)) We are still very excited and can't wait to meet little baby Speiser! :)) God has surly blessed us!!

Denver 2012

I got to go to Denver/Vail this past weekend from 11/9-11/12 to see Trish, Chris, Simon and Danica and met some new friends! We had a blast! I was obviously the DD and it was the first time I have ever enjoyed being a DD! It was so beautiful there, but also cold! These are just a few photos from the trip! 
 Driving from Denver to Vail!
 Danica, Me and Trish (Chris in the background!)
 Justin, Jen, Me, Trish, Danica, Sam, Chris
 Justin, Jen, Me, Trish, Chris
Danica, Sam
Just another pretty view!!