Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spoiled Much!?

I have been a little garage sale happy! But I have found awesome deals! All of the clothes in the top 2 photos are from garage sales and I got them all for under $40!! The clothes in the bottom photo are from our shopping trip in Waterloo, old navy & children's place! 

Our baby boy sure is going to be spoiled! This is just a start! I am so excited for Baby Speiser to be here already! :))

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We bought an armoire and dresser of the garage sale site for $80! I forgot to take a before picture of the dresser but happened to have one of the armoire from who we bought it from! Chelsea painted them for us and they turned out awesome! Matt is getting the Vikings Nursery that he wanted!! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Regionals in Waterloo, IA

This past weekend I went to Codie's regional wrestling tournament in Waterloo with Nicole! It was a 5 hours drive but it was a blast, a great girls weekend away! 

We left Saturday afternoon and got there at about 6pm we ate supper at Olive Garden(my favorite!!) then went shopping for our kids and finally checked into our hotel! 

Sunday we woke up and got ready, first match was at 10am! Codie did an awesome job, he won his first match and proceed onto the winners bracket. He then ended up wrestling the #2 guy in the nation but lost, he wrestled very good though. We then had a little break for lunch, Noodles & Company(very good!) and got back just in time to watch match #3 :) Some how the #1 guy in the nation lost out and got sent down to the losers bracket, of course Codie had to wrestle him. Codie should have won with a pin but the ref had missed it and he ended up loosing by 1 point, ONE!! 

However 3 people from SMSU made it to Nationals, Justin Reinsma, Jake & Kyle Begin!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Gender Reveal Party!

A special thank you to everyone that came to our gender reveal party! Big thank you to Brianna & Megan for throwing the party for us! It was so fun to finally be able to tell everyone what we are having!! 

It's a BOY!! 

Where: Wooden Nickel
When: February 17, 2013
Time: 2pm
Guest: Brianna, Megan, Nicole, Codie, Aubrey, Lory Jo, Ryan, Kristina, Karen, Gary, Jayni, Macey, Aiden, Tiffany, Brett, Ashley, Craig, Julie, Ron, Crystal, Carrie, Anthony, Kathy, Steve, Lowell, Lila, Hannah, Chelsea, Josie, Casen, Heather, TJ

Sunday, February 3, 2013

.:Update on Baby!:.

We painted the nursery last weekend and we are going to get some furniture today! We are definitely excited for our little one to arrive! 

We are now 19 weeks, doctors are trying to push it up a week but we will talk to them about that on Monday! The baby is healthy and looking great! It's starting to feel real! The heart beat was 150 and the baby weighs 11oz! Only 147 days to go! 

We got to see the baby move his/her arms/legs and that was the most amazing thing ever! It still amazes me how a baby grows and develops! We are very excited to find out in 6 days what the baby is and in 14 days for our "finding out the gender" party! 

I have been feeling awesome, I had a little back pains so I can't lift over 20-25lbs anymore but since I haven't been doing that it has been so much better! We haven't felt the baby move yet, should happy any day now(everyone says between 19-21 weeks)