Sunday, October 19, 2014

Time to reflect

As I sit outside watching Matt grill pork-chops and Mason stuff his face with Cheerios handfuls at a time. The leaves are slightly blowing and cars are passing by. 

I think about how thankful I am for many things in life that I truly take for granted.

It's disgusting how satan always tries to temp us. This morning in church they talked about how hard Sunday mornings are. Isn't that the truth. This morning we didn't want to get out of bed at 730 when usually I get up at 630. Then off the bat a small fight started. We got to church right at 830(which is late for me). The 2nd song we sang, Lord I Need You. We all need him all the time, every day.

I'm thankful for a relaxing weekend, family time at the orchard, for my husband to cook dinner so I can just relax even more and for the beautiful view of God's creation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

getaway experience

Bundled in sweaters
hands pulled in
ears so cold 
we wished we wore coats.
but...we sure did enjoy our getaway days in Duluth, MN.
Day One: 46 degrees in the rain.mist
we put on smiles.

enjoying the fall colors,
quality time with only 
the man I call "hubby"

Day Two: Beautiful 62 degrees 
 this was our view on our drive in from our hotel

if you're heading up North
stop here
simply delicious

to wrap up our final day.night
what a gorgeous view

Our Duluth experience was simply
beautiful.breathtaking.unforgettable.mesmerizing(hubby's word)