Monday, January 14, 2013

Circle Your Prayers

Yesterday in church, Pastor Grant told us to "Circle your life in prayer for God to Change" - they started to do this at the beginning of the month but I was either at children's church, or at Matt's parents - the goal was to write things down that you wanted God to change in your life and to watch throughout the month God work miracles. So I have wrote a couple down:

~ Cope with wedding - I pray that God can help me cope with how our wedding went and just be happy about it. Not be sad or mad about things that didn't happen. It has been 5 1/2 months and I still cry almost daily about things. This is a big topic at my next therapy session since we are getting the "bigger" things under control now.

~ Figure out daycare - I just pray that God will show me a way and answer about if daycare is my thing to do. In the past week I am believing God is working his ways. Will explain more at the end of the month!

~ Good/Healthy Pregnancy - I pray that my pregnancy will continue to be good and healthy. That our next appointment at the end of the month the baby will be healthy and growing good!

~ Family - Nothing hurts more then being torn in half between your own family, having to make decisions to make everyone happy. I just pray that God can mend our family back together. Matt and I are starting a family of our own and I just want nothing more then having our family back together.

~ Stress Free Month - I just pray God can ease my mind this month. That I not get worked up over little things or worry about money or anything that I just believe in him and trust in him. So far it's going good!

~ Emotions - I pray that I can keep my emotions under control. All my mind does is run run run...I just need a break sometimes. I cry over the littlest things and it's not even stress or fights it's just looking back into the past or little things said to me.

--I am so thankful for my therapist though. She really helps a lot and I am starting to do more things around the house to help Matt out. I really take him for granted some days. He does so much for me and my daycare. I just wish everyone could see how much he brutally does! --

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Eve

For New Years Eve we went to Brandon, SD with Tiffany and Brett! It was so much fun! We stayed at the Comfort Inn and then went to the casino. Brett forgot his ID in MN so Matt & I just went for a little bit! .. It was a blast and we walked out $199 ahead! Yahoo!!!