Monday, October 14, 2013

Three Month Photoshoot


Mason Matthew:
-Weighing 12lbs 3oz
-Eating 4oz of formula every 3 hours
-Sleeping 7-8 hours at night 
-Loves his aden/anais blankets and is starting to talk more
-Smiling a lot
-Grabbing his toes
-Loves taking baths
-Sat in the bumbo for the 1st time by himself on 10.14.13(I know this is a little late post!)
-Size 1 diapers
-0-3 Month Clothes

Weighing in at 12lbs 3oz :)

I love that smile! 

Grabbing his toes! 

Sitting all by himself in the bumbo! 

Middle of October

I know, I know every post I am just amazed at how time is flying by, but seriously. It's the middle of October, this is my first post in a month! We have been so busy life just doesn't slow down!! In the past month we have had our cousin Laura visit from PA, went to the Renaissance festival, I am doing a bible study with some ladies, went to the Swenning Benefit, had Mason's THREE month pictures take, gone to the cities for a wedding, went to Gracie's dedication, went to the apple orchard, SMSU Homecoming football game, done some house searching/talked to contractors, I started a new hobby(sewing!) and the biggest thing, PUT OUR HOUSE ON THE MARKET!!

...BUSY month it has been!...

oh and did you miss the part where I said that we had Mason's THREE, yes the number 3, months pictures taken!!!? Where oh where is time going!? Where is the PAUSE button? Someone find it, or at least the slow motion!! 

..and our life isn't slowing down anytime soon! In the next few weeks we have the Stager Christmas, Blough's are coming from PA for Mason's dedication, I'm running(going to try!) a 5K, and still of course house searching! 

Here are a few pics of everything we have done in the last few weeks.

.9.19.13. Cousins

9.21.13 Renaissance Festival

Sewing Project #1

Love his smile!

Hanging out with Grandpa!

Daddy got me dressed today! 

Miller/Towne Wedding 10.12.13

With the Miller girls! 

Big boy at the Orchard 10.13.13

Sewing Project #2

Loving bath time!

Sewing Project #3

Sewing Project #4

Sewing Project #5

Our house is for sale!!