Monday, June 9, 2014

11 Month Photoshoot

Mason Matthew:
-20lbs 14oz -- 29.5 inches
-Eating 6-7oz of formula every 3 hours, eating fruits and veggies and have started table foods.
-Sleeping 10-11 hours at night 
-Loves to walk around the couches 
-Loves to clap 
-Size 3 diapers
-9-12 Month Clothes
- Loves to talk(da-da is his favorite)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

a little bit of relaxation

I have an obsession with moving, yes you read that right, moving. Maybe not so much moving but more I have never been "content." Since graduating high school five years ago I have moved thirteen(13) times. We moved to Marshall 2 years ago, so yes that was thirteen times in three years that I moved! 

When we moved to Marshall, Matt and I were two months away from getting married and we moved into the house I grew up in. Which happen to be the house my parents still lived in. Wedding stress to us both starting new jobs to living back with your parents after you moved out three years previous -- it was crazy and stressful! 

Shortly after we got married my parents moved to Pennsylvania where the rest of my family is and we started to slowly hang up some pictures. However, they were only up for a few months until I got the urge to move again. We listed the house for sale and took down all the pictures we had just put up six short month prior.

Well we have never had what has felt like a home, so we decided to take the house off the market after seven lonngg months of  it not selling it. To finally start making it our home, starting with our bedroom! .. Where to start right? Well good thing there is Pinterest and good friends! 

A huge thanks to my hubby who puts up with my instant must haves(when I get an idea it needs to be done right away!) and to Katie G.(click here to check out her blog) and Karen H. for helping with the design/decorating. Also thanks to Pettis Family, Macey and Isabella for helping paint/watch the kidos!

Paint - Gray Ghost by Pittsburgh Paints 
Headboard - DIY :)
Comforter - Gordman's
Night stands - Garage sale and stained/spray painted

I still need to make closet curtains, stain our storage chest and dresser, get a desk and make pillows but it is finally starting to feel and look like a home(even if it is just our bedroom so far!)